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Lake Meadows Farms

Lake Meadows Farms

This past weekend I went with my friend Tiffany to an organic farm in Ocoee, FL called Lake Meadows Naturals. My dream is to someday have a farm just like this one, only in the Pacific Northwest. Dale is the owner and farmer of the organic operation and was very willing to give us a tour and answer all of our questions. We wanted to collect fresh eggs from the henhouse and we got to. What a great sight to see happy Rhode Island Reds raised in a natural environment, unlike commercial farmed chickens that are sick, broken and diseased. The birds liked to be picked up and pet and followed us throughout the henhouse clucking and cooing. The farm gathers over 4000 eggs a day! It was also a delight to see chicks that we less than a day old, along with guinea hens (which eat ticks and bugs in the fields) pheasants and weeks old chicks. So cute!

The farm also raises sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, turkeys and organic produce. It has an awesome mom and pop shop to purchase fresh honey, cheeses, meats, jams, fruits, veggies, breads and more! I picked up rainbow carrots, fresh pepato cheese, mulberries, snap peas and rhubard jam. Delicious!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I will definitely be going back for fresh eggs and produce and to SUPPORT LOCAL!!