Detox week…a GREAT success!!

Wow! I made it through a whole week of eating fruits and veggies (funny, it was a lot easier to do when I was eating a vegan/veggie diet!) Not gonna lie….I cheated,  but only a teeny bit. By Thursday I was feeling a little faint and was horribly famished so I stopped into my favorite local cafe for a salad.  My friend Tiffany owns and runs the joint and knew exactly what I needed to eat get me through the rest of the day. She made the tastiest roasted veggie medley with chicken on a plate of greens with spinach and arugula. That salad didn’t stand a chance!! I almost licked the plate, yes, it was that good!  Before work on Saturday, I had stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and picked up roasted veggies, garlic, a salad, blueberries and strawberries, and wine. My bad. When I got into work, all of the guys were enjoying work beers (yes, that happens!) Ridiculed and peer pressured, I gave in and had 2 glasses of cabernet.  Not gonna lie…it tasted so good! By today I was through. For breakfast I induldged in an avocado/banana/spinach/blue & strawberry/almond milk smoothie. For a week I had been without good fats and protein.  For lunch I plugged my nose, shut my eyes and ate the last of the soup I had been consumming for a week. What I didn’t finish, I gave it a funeral and shoved it down the garbage disposal. Good riddance vegetable soup. Buy hey….IT WORKED!! I LOST 9LBS IN ONE WEEK!

This week I am adding in lean protein, low glycemic carbs, good fats and sticking with the fruits and veggies. I have a goal weight in mind and at the rate I am going and with the right will power…I GOT THIS! I CAN DO IT and SO CAN YOU!!




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