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Detox week…a GREAT success!!

Wow! I made it through a whole week of eating fruits and veggies (funny, it was a lot easier to do when I was eating a vegan/veggie diet!) Not gonna lie….I cheated,  but only a teeny bit. By Thursday I was feeling a little faint and was horribly famished so I stopped into my favorite local cafe for a salad.  My friend Tiffany owns and runs the joint and knew exactly what I needed to eat get me through the rest of the day. She made the tastiest roasted veggie medley with chicken on a plate of greens with spinach and arugula. That salad didn’t stand a chance!! I almost licked the plate, yes, it was that good!  Before work on Saturday, I had stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and picked up roasted veggies, garlic, a salad, blueberries and strawberries, and wine. My bad. When I got into work, all of the guys were enjoying work beers (yes, that happens!) Ridiculed and peer pressured, I gave in and had 2 glasses of cabernet.  Not gonna lie…it tasted so good! By today I was through. For breakfast I induldged in an avocado/banana/spinach/blue & strawberry/almond milk smoothie. For a week I had been without good fats and protein.  For lunch I plugged my nose, shut my eyes and ate the last of the soup I had been consumming for a week. What I didn’t finish, I gave it a funeral and shoved it down the garbage disposal. Good riddance vegetable soup. Buy hey….IT WORKED!! I LOST 9LBS IN ONE WEEK!

This week I am adding in lean protein, low glycemic carbs, good fats and sticking with the fruits and veggies. I have a goal weight in mind and at the rate I am going and with the right will power…I GOT THIS! I CAN DO IT and SO CAN YOU!!




Detox Week!!

It’s DETOX WEEK!!! It’s well needed for me after spending a glutunous week in Park City and a great way for me to lose the 25lbs I have gained from draining my adrenal glands and developing hypothyroidsm.

For the next 12 weeks I will be taking a weight loss class. This is week one. My current weight is off the hook at 176!! Yuck! My goal weight by the end of the 12 week program is 136. Yes, 30lbs! Oh yeah, I got this! I can do it and so can you!

It’s a week long detox which purifies the liver and improves the health of your heart. By eating fruits and veggies, you are reducing the acid levels in your body which causes inflammation and increases all types of diseases for your heart. It invovles 3 servings of fruit daily, no more than that, the sugar takes longer to digest and we are trying to quickly rid the body of toxins. Eat as much raw veggies as you like. Sauteed, broiled or steamed is fine just don’t overcook. I made a spaghetti squash with Muir Glen pasta sauce and added zucchini, shrooms, onions, gr peppers, yellow squash and anything else I could find. Been eating it now for 3 days and can’t eat anymore of that haha! You want to stay away from oils, sugar, caffiene, and carbonation. If you are addicted to caffiene, drink green tea. For breakfast have hot water with lemon, it helps the digestive acid to get going and ready for the day. Drink at least 8-8oz glasses of pure water. This detox is to help curb sugar addictions and get your body to crave the good stuff like fruits and veggies.

Remember…it’s only for a week and you will feel great after! (After 3 days, I feel amazing and have lost 6lbs of crappy bloat!!)

I’m debating about posting a before and after photo (it’s a little awkward and terrifying to expose my flaws to the world!) You decide. Yes or no?

Good Luck! Peace!

Park City Good Eats

Epic blog fail while in Park City! I guess I was having way to much fun, hanging out with good people, snowboarding, eating great food and of course, indulging in a few cocktails!

Some of the delicious places I dined at:


My friend is the book-keeper for this fine establishment so we dine here frequently. It’s soooo yummy!!

Wagyu Beef Hot Rock – Australian-raised wagyu beef strip loin and ponzu butter dipping sauce

Dim Sum- Chef’s nightly creation

Firecracker Shrimp- tempura rock shrimp, creamy-spicy sauce, tobiko, and green onion

Shabu Sizzle Pan – choice of grilled chicken, beef or shrimp, with vegetables and house-made teriyaki sauce


Whiskey Chicken

Boneless chicken breast sautéed with onion, garlic and fresh thyme in an Irish whiskey cream sauce, Boxty style.


Dead Man’s Boots: Named after the boots of one of our former patrons. This mixture of Double Rye Whiskey and tequila comes together with fresh lime and ginger beer.

The food here is unbelievable.


TATCHOS!! (Best bad for me food that I have ever eaten, EVER!!) tater tots and loaded with bacon infused smoked mozzarella cheese. Go for the works and add our Buffalo or Vegetarian Chili!

Add Buffalo Chili

Add Veggie Chili

Gourmet Hot Wings, I had jalapeno cheddar. Yum.


Photo: 'Tatchos' are gone.

If you ever have the privilege to visit Park City, UT, here are a few more excellent places to try:

For breakfast:

Photo: Yummy breakfast!


Photo: This goes against everything I go to school for, but dang.....japadawgs are the bomb!!!

CLOUD DINE at the Canyons Resort for Chicken Pot Pie with a view!!

Photo: Pot pie with a view