Tips for a Healthy Digestive System

Do you have indigestion, heart burn, sour stomach or that awful bloated feeling? Are you bowel movements infrequent? If yes, then I need to help you get your digestion system back on track! It is possible and easy to have a healthy digestion system. Foods that are hard to digest like fried and fatty foods, dairy and gluten will be easier. The benefits are not only reducing or eliminating indigestion, heart burn, sour stomach and bloating but you’ll have better moods, increased brain function and energy levels will improve. Follow  these steps to a HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM:

1) WATER! Drink 1-2 glasses of lemon water before meals. A hydrated stomach will produce the necessary acids to digest food properly.

2) GREEN TEA helps to burn fat, aid digestion, balance blood sugar and has many antioxidant benefits.

3) OIL & VINEGAR on salads will start the digestion process and balance blood sugar.

4) SPICES! Jump starts the digestion acids, slows the absorption of sugar and increases the amount of calories burned during each meal. Try peppers, ginger, turmeric and cayenne.

5) BEETS & GREENS (my favorite!) helps to move the bile and boost the digestion process.

6) S & P Sip salt and pepper before a meal to increase stomach acid. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of each in and 8oz glass of water

7) NO COLD DRINKS! They reduce the digestion fire.


9) GINGER helps boost digestion and stomach acid

10) RELAX! Sit down to enjoy your food. Avoid standing or driving while eating.

‘If you eat standing up, death looks over your shoulder’.

~ Old VEDIC proverb

Update on my crazy thyroid:

This week brought more unwelcome changes to my body, the biggest change being a spike in my insulin levels. Until I get all of my hormones, thyroid and insulin under control, there will be no fruit or sugar in my diet for 1 month! 1 month with no fruit?!? My precious Juiceman juicer has been packed away and shut up in the closet. And what about those delicious candy cane cookies that I look forward to every holiday? No cookies either. How will I ever survive?!? Well…my health is more important so I’m just gonna do it 🙂



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