Let me begin by saying that I am one of millions of women that struggles to maintain a healthy body weight. Yup, me. A health coach! And I feel the word agonize is better than struggle. My whole life, almost 36 years have been an agonizing struggle of huge weight losses and gains. Estatic when the weight is shed and miserable when I realize it’s back again. This time has been the worst, but the way I see it, life changing!

Until two months ago, my lifestyle was a vegan/vegetarian diet that I enjoyed. I loved to read vegan books and cook with fresh veggies and make warming soups on cold days and then one day I caught myself red handed eating tons of GMO laced soy products out of convience. What a mess! I screwed up my metbolism, threw off my hormones and gained an unbelievable 24 pounds in almost four months!!! 24 pounds! Ouch! I eat well and exercise 5-6 days a week….

I began my research. ‘Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?’ by Dr. Sanford Siegal proved to be an easy and informative read. Many of his chapter summaries were descibing me! For example: 1) Many overweight people do not overeat, 2) Hypothyroidism may be triggered by a variety of factors such as age, pregnancy, or medications, 3) An indicator of low thyroid function is lower-than-normal body temperature and 4) Blood cholesterol level is usually elevated in those with hypothyroidism. A week of testing my basal temperature proved a very low normal; 96.3 and my cholesterol is through the roof!

Enough of being fat and buying larger, uglier jeans….I went to the doctor to get my blood checked and to obtain a ‘natural’ thyroid medicine. The very pleasant doctor took one look at me and said ‘You need to lose weight’. Duh. I told her of my plight. She listened with kind eyes and told me neck was swollen and that I could benefit from a medication. After reading Dr. Siegal’s book I opted for Amour thyroid, a natural medication, not the typical sythetic drug. The doctor happily wrote out the prescription and sent me on my way with instructions to return in 3 months for more lab work and possible medication adjustment.

So check out the book and follow me on my last weight loss journey, for good. But don’t worry, I won’t bore you everyday with weigh-ins and mundane details, I have plenty of stories, articles, recipes and this and that to keep you coming back for more!



Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat: The Doctor's 28-Day Diet that Tests Your Metabolism as You Lose Weight


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